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Vacuum Systems

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuum Systems

FiltroJet, MaxVac Central Vacuum Unit

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Vacuum Systems

The Ultimate Vacuum Loader!

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Dustolex Limited is one of the longest established companies in the Dust Extraction field and in recent years has added Industrial Vacuum Systems to their product itinerary.  

Working alongside some of Europe’s leading manufactures with global experience Dustolex have a vast range of equipment available in the highly specialised field of Industrial Vacuum Units and Systems.

Our range of highly manoeuvrable high powered reliable portable vacuum cleaners designed for all industrial cleaning environments and with ATEX units available.

To compliment this portable vacuum unit range we also provide centralised vacuum systems with an extensive range of central vacuum units, pipe work, hoses and specialist vacuum tools.

To cater for the heavy industrial market we have a range of Forklift, Trailer and Lorry Mounted Vacuum Units. These Vacuum units can be diesel or electrically driven.

Our vacuum cleaning systems cover all industries and we have installations in most industries.

  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Centralised Vacuum Systems
  • Lorry Mounted Vacuum Units

For more information or a quotation please complete the contact form and one of our engineers will give you a call.

Dustolex probably have the most extensive range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Equipment available plus invaluable experience to call upon with over 80 years combined industrial experience.

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Portable Vacuum Systems

Our range of Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed for general...

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Stationary Vacuum Systems

Vacuum extraction, dust extraction, vacuum conveying and vacuum...

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Mobile Vacuum Systems

Dustolex provide and extensive range off mobile vacuum units...

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